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More About Me

From an early age, I had the ability to use both my 'left' and 'right' brain; growing up, I quickly developed artistic, computational and mathematical skills. This combination gave me an unusual amount of flexibility when deciding on a career path. Ultimately, I decided that a creative career would be best for me; I wanted to be able to continue to use both sides of my brain in my career by finding a job that was just as much technical as it was artistic. I found that perfect balance in animation.


As a child, I enjoyed watching classic cartoons and modern-day animated superhero shows. As I further developed my computational skills, I became amazed at the 3D, computer-generated animation found in feature films and searched for information on how they were made. Specifically, I wanted to discover how a lifeless, 3D model could be transformed into a believable, life-like character. The moment I was introduced to rigging, it answered all my questions; I knew this was the career I was looking for. As I specialize in rigging and character technical direction, I also continue to expand my general knowledge of animation, computer-generated imagery, and visual effects.


I will always look to use my unique skill set to push forward innovation. My abilities can translate to the film, television, and video game industries. I can also play a role in emerging technology, such as virtual reality. My ultimate goal is to contribute to the advancement of 21st-century technology through visual art.

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